Monday, July 26, 2010

Veggie Meat

In our effort to be responsible consumers and eat only ethically raised meats, we end up eating a lot of vegetarian around here. Which isn't bad. We still get plenty of protein. But one thing that I have desperately been missing is breakfast sausage. We can find free-range chicken and grass-fed beef and cage-free eggs, organic butter, cheese, milk, yogurt, etc...but when it comes to breakfast sausage, I think it has been years since we've enjoyed it here at the McBrayer household.

So we decided to just give this little guy a try. Landon and I do not really do meat substitutes in our meals at all. If we are eating vegetarian, then we made sure to have some protein-rich beans or quinoa or something. We don't toss in meatless chicken and tofu - it just feels weird (nothing against that stuff, though).  So this was a rare whim for us.

One morning we decided that a hot breakfast would hit the spot. So I threw together a family favorite of ours (from when we lived a little more carnivorous), "Jasper County Hash". When I squeezed the "sausage" out of the tube, I was a little surprised, though I"m not sure why. It just looked like refried beans, actually. I had a hard time breaking it apart - the beans were extremely sticky. I threw in about a tsp of butter and turned the heat up a bit and was finally able to break it apart and get it cookin. It's weird that this stuff doesn't really need to cook at all - it's just beans, after all. Then I cracked and scrambled the eggs with it and it looked like it was supposed to. 

The Hash tasted pretty good. Now, I couldn't tell if I was just enjoying it because it sort of smelled like breakfast sausage and I wouldn't know the difference anyway because it's been so long since I've enjoyed some. Or maybe it's actually pretty decent. Landon said that it "tasted weird". It's something that i think we will be willing to try again some time! 

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Erin S. said...

Hey there. For a long time Dave and I would eat vegetarian a couple of days a week. We do three or four days now and it is a light, change up. I don't want to be a vegetarian 100% of the time. I like bacon, salmon, and roasted chicken. There are too many good foods to live with "all or nothing" limited thinking. Cutting your meat intake down 3-4 days a week, is about half. It feels healthier.

I agree about the fake vegan products. I have tried a bunch and many are pitiful attempts to replicate what you are trying to deprive yourself of. We do lots of vegetable meals with beans or nuts added. We also enjoy pasta with saute's fresh vegetables like garlic, tomato, pine nuts and basil. Simple I think is best with vegetarian days. Fresh fruits are fast and good.

I also highly recommend finding 2 or 3 from scratch salad dressings you love. We almost never have bottled dressing and we almost never get tired of salads.

Your Aunt Mary Ann in Oklahoma gave me a wonderful creamy mustard dressing. What follows is my favorite salad dressing.

Erin's Dijon dressing

4 Tbsp good cold pressed olive oil (get the good stuff)
1 Tbsp white champagne vinegar
1 tsp Dijon mustard
1/4 tsp salt
1/4 tsp oregano
fresh ground black pepper to taste
Mix it up with a little whisk or whip.

Takes 60 seconds.

Serves 2

Serve over fresh torn salad greens like romaine or red flame lettuce.