Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The dungeon

We have an amazing little room in our house. It's laughable, really.

Our house was built in 1917 when these Utah homes were heated by coal through the winter. So we actually have a storage place for coal on the side of our house, and a little opening into our "shelf basement" that is built into the brick of the house where whoever lived here 90 years ago would shovel the coal into the bottom of the house in order to keep all 4 rooms of this little Bungalow heated.

Every house on our block has a shelf basement. It's a scary place, really. The ceiling is so low that Landon can't stand up straight in the room at all. Being 6 inches shorter than Landon, I can stand up between the boards - but this weekend while I was making the bed, I banged my head pretty hard more than once. Ours is surprisingly free of spiders. And someone not too long ago "finished" the basement with drywall and carpet, which is much better than our neighbors' houses, I am told, that have dark basements with broken concrete floors.

Being as our place is so very little, we decided to use our (VERY SMALL) second room as Landon's study instead of a guest bedroom. So the double bed had only one place to go except storage, the basement. dum dum DUM!

Follow Me:
it's okay if you laugh.
or cry.
but please still come to visit!
trying to get a privacy curtain here

uneven steps

I had to get a little creative to make this room function in the way that we needed it to.

I hung a curtain from the pipe in the ceiling to cover the back of the room. 
Creepy, huh?

This room is also a spare closet,  laundry room, and storage.
that's our dirty laundry

view of the "ceiling" from the bed - I think that is the bottom of the kitchen

Hope this doesn't scare you away! 
If you want to come visit during ski season, you can have a free "room", great company and my delicious cooking, but we'll make you earn your keep by shoveling coal.


Anna said...

You are so resourceful Hannah. Good job. It actually looks pretty good and homey. We'll still come to visit at some point!

Merritt said...

i'ld love to come stay in the dungeon! looks great!

Tricia F said...

I think you did a great job with it. I would have been scared away. :) The exposed wires everywhere is my favorite... :)