Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Climbing in "Secret"

(we climbed the cliffs behind me, opposite the lake)
Cecret Lake is a beautiful mountain lake nestled between quartzite cliffs at the top of Alta Ski Resort. Only a mile hike from the highest parking lot, it is a crowded destination over the weekend, especially with the very hot temperatures we've been suffering in the Salt Lake valley.

It was a beautiful hike full of wild flowers, streams, and my favorite smell in the world: pines in the sun!

Most people were just taking a Sunday hike up to the lake. I had to laugh at all these people with their trecking poles and hiking boots - this mile hike was very undemanding on a well worn trail. 
(view of Cecret Lake from the cliffs)

The lake was beautiful. I can only imagine the freezing temperatures as this lake is made entirely of snow melt. It is, after all, located in the middle of a ski resort. 

We saw many meandering streams leading down into the lake (and coming from the lake)

We even saw snow that was dirty and compact from the ski season (some with fresh ski tracks, even!)

We climbed on a few walls. One was above the lake, with beautiful views. Our stay there was short because the only other party on the wall was a family of 6 (adults) and they were ridiculously obnoxious. 

We went to a second wall that was just below the lake with a bustling stream, snow, and a lot of other climbers.

I wish I had pictures of Landon climbing instead of me belaying while he is climbing. I tried to take a picture once (with landon's cell phone - we forgot our camera again), and almost pulled landon off the rock for lack of climbing slack. So, no pictures of climbing, sadly.

Here's a picture of my mountain man reflecting on yet another wonderful day on the mountain. Actually, I think the words coming out of his mouth at this time were something about how he would "huck that cliff" come ski season.

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