Thursday, July 29, 2010

Tree House

I'm not much into design, decor, and things like that. Not only do I lack skill, but I seriously lack resources and it's not really a huge priority for me, truthfully, to make over my house. Maybe some day it will be. Maybe if I ever have a child I will have that nesting urge that so many of you women do. Maybe if I become a  "home-maker" this will be a higher priority for me. Maybe if we some day buy our own home and plant some roots I will paint some walls and get some design inspiration. Maybe some day we will pay for television and HGTV will give me a nudge - probably not.

So I'm not sure if this is weird or wonderful. To me, it is wonderful...
I wonder the process... Do you have to make sure the bark is all off first? If there is still bark on there, won't it fall off as the tree gets deader and deader? Is it painted black, or did the branches actually grow and die that color? I don't know, but this place looks wonderful. I love the tree branch canopy. Love love love it.

I LOVE the idea of bringing trees INSIDE of the house. Of course, no trees should be killed for the sake of  home decorating. So only dead trees. But I love some of the ideas I have seen:


em said...

LOVE THESE! i agree about the natural element. i especially love the first picture too :) i could see you doing that in your home...maybe in a guest room?? fun inspiration!

Cin said...

i love all of these hannah! :)