Friday, July 30, 2010

More of Paperless in 2010

Replacing the Zip-Lock

(i made those peanut butter cookies last night. very yummy. recipe here)

Since we are determined to waste less, I've been wrapping our sandwiches in cloth napkins for our road trips, backpacking and climbing adventures. I liked it. I like having a napkin with me to catch the crumbs and wipe my hands and face after food - you know, i'm kinda sloppy. But my Mountain Man (who has been SOOOOo sweet to humor usual) hasn't been a big fan, because it does make the bread dryer/staler here in the dry mtn. climate. 

This week, I was at "the DI" (Deseret Industries Thrift Store - owned by the Mormon Church) and I found an old outdoor table cloth. I bought it for $1.00 and the wheels were turning in my head. You will see me buying fabric at the fabric store rarely. I really think that as often as I can, my materials should be as re-purposed as possible. So.... the table cloth is my water-proof layer, and the outside is fabric from a pair of old J.Crew khakis that have ripped so badly up the butt-seam that they are not repairable. 

I came home and immediately fashioned my own sandwich bag. Now, this is not at all my original idea. I have seen tons of these on etsy. I ran through a few drafts to find the best technique for me.
Mine is the only one I have seen with a folded velcro closure, which I thought would make food stay more fresh than the others I've seen. Although, a zipper may be best, but I'm just not ready to put that kind of money and time into these little friends.

This one is a bit sloppy because I was in a hurry to get it done so Landon could pack it for his climbing trip that evening. Being completely honest, I haven't measured a thing yet when it comes to sewing. But my seams, though a little haphazard, are usually a bit tidier than this one!

The inside can be brought out for easy cleaning. The re-purposed table cloth brings back memories of tye-dying on the pic-nic table during my early 90's childhood, and Fourth of July celebrations with my grandmother and lots of watermelon and homemade ice cream!


Spencer & Lorilyn Crum said...

These are such a great idea.

I'm filled with such guilt when I have to throw out ziplock bags.

I will definitely have to make some to send to school with my kids, that is when I get around to actually having kids :)

Brandon and Callie said...

loooove it!!! nice job hannah!

Janelle said...

I am very lucky to have Hannah make me three of these! I used one to bring my banana bread to work on Friday for breakfast. So many possibilities! Thanks Hannah!

Hannah said...

thanks for the encouragement, girls!

Brooke Hereth said...

Awesome! I'm going to get the ingredients 4 the cookies right now (: