Sunday, July 11, 2010

Tomorrow (Monday) I have my second interview with the Ouelessebougou Alliance in Salt Lake City. Of the over 80 jobs that I have applied for in the last 6 months, this one I have been the most excited about. When i read the job description, I was so into this job that I immediately read their entire website (and looove their organization!) and sent in my application immediately. I have been very excited and honored that they have called me in for a second interview.

Please continue to pray for me during this job search!! I have really appreciated y'alls support through this.


Brandon and Callie said...

we'll be praying for you!!! let us know how it goes

Anna said...

Did they teach you how to say the name of this place? It's actually driving me crazy.It's like I start to pronounce it and then realize after so much work, I'm still 10 letters from the end. :)

Hannah said...

thanks for your prayers, delgrosso's!
anna, on their homepage at the bottom, they have a link that tells you how to pronounce it. but it sounds wrong to me - not that i'm at all an expert. i limited myself to only saying the name twice during my interview yesterday. and at my first interview i said it (wrong) and then stopped and said, "i'm not even sure how to say it, is that correct?" and she said yes.