Monday, July 19, 2010

Back to the Book

I've been searching online for online Bible reading guides or devotionals. I sifted through a few devotionals and decided to reject them - I really don't want to be reading other peoples' thoughts about the Bible right now, I simply want to read God's Word - alone and nonscrutanized. I've been doing a bad job at this lately. I'm good with a schedule. If I can put together each day within a schedule, I will actually go running 3 miles and read my Bible....but I've been without this discipline this summer.

The last few days I have really been convicted of this. Landon and I rented  "The Book of Eli". It's the kind of movie that I don't usually like with the dreary colors and the end-of-the-world feeling of doom. I'm afraid to write too much about it in case you are inspired to rent it. But the book of Eli is actually the Holy Bible. And the words within give great power to those who have treasured them in their hearts. And I know that this is actually true, not just some plot for a killer Denzel flick.

And last night at The Rock we were reading Matthew 4 about when Christ was led into the desert and tempted by Satan. And the teacher pointed out that Christ defends himself with scripture. He defeats Satan and overcomes temptation by using the Torah scriptures that he studied in his Jewish upbringing - the Words of God which are in the Bible.

After all, in Ephesians 6, in order to stand up against the Devil's schemes, Paul introduces the believer to the Armor of God and in all of our holy armor, the only method of offensive attack that he gives us is "the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God"(17).

I do desire to be a hearer, learner and do-er of God's Words which are in the Bible. It is harder these days because there are so many excuses and ways to keep busy. Yet, I know that there is no greater way to draw nearer to God than through meditating on his Word and prayer. I am grateful that God has given me everything that I need to know him more.

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MyJourneyBack said...

Hi, I popped over from the linky for your bathroom redo and decided to stay awhile. I love the bathroom btw. I just wanted to comment and tell you I agree with you. I am in the same place realizing I need to know the word better. But I can't if I don't read it. I think the answer is accountability. At least for me. I have been looking for a group but haven't found one. I just wanted to say just keep on seeking Him. I have to remind myself of this too. Praying you have a wonderful week.
Love in Him,