Friday, July 16, 2010

Things I'm Loving Lately

It's been 4 months since my last "T.I.L.L." post and I was hoping to do one per month, so it's about stinkin' time, don't you think!? Thanks for the suggestion, Anna. I love writing these posts.

And I love reading all of your "things i'm loving lately" too, so c'mon ladies, let's see your lists too!!!

Living in Sugar House
(photo by Rurik)
This week we went to a late showing of "Robin Hood" at the dollar theatre and it was absolutely packed - on a Monday night! Last night we walked to our local ice cream shop and then rented a red box on the way home. I love that we have fun local places within walking distance. Tonight is the Farmer's Market and I am so grateful for such an exciting community for us to live in!

Our Car: Jetta Sportwagen TDI 
It's awesome.

Watching FIFA World Cup Soccer 2010

c'mon, it's a funny picture

Trying them out for the first time since my childhood. I cut them (paid to have them cut) about 2 months ago but they are finally long enough to swoop them to the side a little bit. Not sure if I can't handle them long-term. But on days where I actually style them, they're fun.

I am so enjoying my life with my husband. He's been cooking every day this week, unpacking boxes, and loving me in the sweetest ways (he even went to see Eclipse with me - can you believe it!?). I'm trying to savor my time with him this summer - once the school year begins he is a machine and is quite consumed with all things philosophy - as he should be. I do savor these carefree days with him because I know that fall semester will arrive soon and with it, another 9 months of 15 hour days of hard work late into the night, also trying to balance his love for the outdoors and a wife that wants to see his face. He's pretty wonderful - my Mr. McBrayer.

Iced Coffee
My favorite summer beverage (surprised!?). However, I've tried it ONCE at McD's (three years ago) and do NOT like it there. blech. 

Landon and I made a very quick trip to Colorado for the 4th of July. We surprised my parents at their cabin and helped them work on their deck project for the weekend. I wanted to make a trip home before my job interview this week in case I got the job - I figured I wouldn't get the chance to go home for a long time. It's always wonderful to see family.

(and just a disclaimer. in the instances of people and coffee I am always loving them, not just lately)


Merritt said...

first of all, i love the jesus in chacos. very funny. and secondly, you have mom making iced coffees now! she made them for haley and I over july fourth weekend! yummy!

As Lovers Go said...

That was a wonderful post!! :) We spent the day driving around SLC and it was so beautiful

jenn said...

I love the iced Coffee and the like the picture of Jesus but did not get the joke.