Wednesday, July 28, 2010

A new "taste" on Frozen Yogurt

In the last two weeks we have been to two self-serve, soft-serve yogurt joints. We had a coupon for each in the mail and I made sure to snatch them - buy one get one free ICE CREAM! What more could a girl want? And Landon was surprisingly into it. Usually these type of coupons make him call me a "sucker" for falling victim of the marketing ploy and going to spend money somewhere that we never would have gone without the coupon. But I didn't hear a word from him - I think my hunny might have a weakness for ice cream (I would go as far as to say that Landon is to ice cream as Hannah is to coffee).

Anyways. I was blown away by the first place we went. A new local self-serve yogurt place called YoWay. When we walked in, the place was filled with ultra modern decor and bright colors. I was confused at first until I saw other patrons helping themselves to a cone/bowl and perusing the wall. Oh!!! There's ice cream on the wall!!!  (how would I have known?) signs would be helpful.

Last week we went to the grand re-opening of a TCBY down the street that has now morphed into one of these self-serve technicolor yogurt places. 

The flavors were wonderful and creative and you can have as much as you want!

Then there are a gazillion toppings to choose from. From fresh fruit, to cereals, candy bars, to nuts and all kinds of sauces. Wow. My guess is that children would need serious supervision.

And then, the moment of truth:

See, they charge you by weight. TCBY was .39/oz.

With our buy-one-get-one coupons at both places, our grand total was a little shy of $5. And Landon didn't even pile his bowl high and get crazy. We decided that $5 was about what we would think reasonable to spend for both of us at an ice cream joint. $10 seems a bit out of hand! We wouldn't go back without a coupon, that's for sure. 

Our experience at these self-serve modern yogurt joints was pretty fun. You should check one out if you have one near you!

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