Monday, July 12, 2010

Buyer Beware!!!

I like to go to the dentist about every 6 months. But I've been out of insurance for the last 14 months. At my last appointment, the dentist filled a few cavaties and I got a good cleaning. She also filed between my bottom teeth for easier flossing and instructed me that I should be flossing and rinsing every day. So I do.

Within the next few months, I began to get severe discoloration between my teeth. I mean, BROWN stuff. And i floss and rinse daily. How disheartening. I assumed it was because my dentist did a little filing between the teeth, which really ticked me off - I was thinking it was a business ploy to get me to get my teeth whitened at my next visit (which i've never had)- argh!

Today, I was making a grocery list for Landon and went online to look up the name of the mouthwash that I like: Crest Pro-Health Mouthwash. There is no alcohol in this stuff and they claim that your mouth feels just as fresh in the morning. So there is no burning feeling while rinsing and my mouth DOES feel fresh after sleeping - amazing!!! I came across this website today: The Consumerist.

This site has many many many people claiming that this mouthwash left brown-ies between their teeth as well. Yikes! I'm relieved that I read this site. Scratching this mouthwash off my list. Any of you recommend a mouthwash that you love?


Clarissa said...

I'd recommend Meridol, if it's available over there.

Discoloration is actually a quite common side effect of mouthwashes(?) - my dentist warned me! ;)

Anna said...

JP's teeth are discolored and he uses Biotene but I'm not sure there is a connection.

Hannah said...

thanks ladies!