Thursday, April 15, 2010

You inspire the brave in me

now with a little coffee in my system, I can indulge myself into a little bit of blogging.

I'm becoming brave. My husband believes in my more than I do. He encourages me in all of my abilities and in my potential. I'm grateful  for someone who loves me enough to empower me to be brave and pursue all of my desires, even if that means that I adapt our family to some weird eco policies.

Yesterday I applied for a job as a worship leader at a church. Is that crazy or what? The church is small and the job would also include administrative duties. And they wanted someone who would also preach every once in awhile, so i told them how awesome my husband is. That was a pretty brave thing to do, don't you think? I'm realizing that I don't have anything to lose when it comes to this job search.

Yesterday I also started piano lessons. I took lessons in my childhood, but that is getting to be longer and longer ago. I've improved a lot in the last 10 years regarding teaching myself to play with a sheet of lyrics and  chords attached and not just following a written piece of music. But I'm progressing rather slow. So, for my birthday, my parents and parents-in-law got me piano lessons (they don't know it yet, but they will!). I'm so excited at the potential for improving my piano playing skill. This is something I've never considered doing - going back to piano lessons, and it took a little bravery on my part.

It's been so long since I've played piano - only piano, that I couldn't pound out this song yesterday without singing along to it. It was embarrassing. But my teacher is gracious, as well as awesome. He's a professional musician, and a dang good one. Check him out:

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Lindsey said...

YYYAAAAAYYYYY...I love that you are starting to play more and I think you would make an amazing worship leader!!!