Monday, April 26, 2010

Mormon Fashion

Just in time for Spring, Mormon fashion is rubbing off on me.

Last Wednesday I had a crafting night with a good friend of mine from my Colorado childhood. Kristen and I go way back. She's been in Utah since we graduated CHS in 01. Kristen comes from a large LDS family with a really awesome Mormon heritage, actually (which she has never said, only I have seen pictures of her ancestors as a founding family in our town hall - her family have been faithful Mormons for a long time. Pretty neat heritage).

Kristen is also a fashionista. Her style is very classic and cute with a strong edge of creativity! I'm not sure I've ever seen her sporting this fashion, but ever since the temps got above freezing, i have found myself exploring this world of modesty and comfort. And I feel okay sharing this because when I mentioned it to her on Wednesday she cracked up and verified my observation.

I'm not sure what the fashion world would say about this, but out here in Utah, this trend is very cute and acceptable and catching on to non-Mormons like me!

Wearing a shirt under or over the strapless and spaghetti-strap tops

I even wore a spaghetti strap shirt over a long sleeve t-shirt during the winter and it made me feel like my wardrobe was doubled - summer shirts are no longer only for the summer! 

(not me and no photo credits on this post - sorry)

Don't die, but I have definitely worn a white t-shirt under a strapless dress. I have two dresses that are a bit too big for me and they are so cute and I don't wear them because they're a little too immodest since they don't hug me quite close enough. I love wearing a t-shirt under these strapless dresses. It's great not to be tugging on them all the time, and worrying that they're not where they should be.
I didn't ask Kris, so i'm not sure exactly the reason that this is such an acceptable fashion trend out here. I know that Mormons strive to dress modestly. We evangelicals do this also. But they also wear holy undergarments that actually have tiny sleeves/thick straps, so if they are wearing these all of the time, their clothing needs to cover them up, so no strapless dresses or spaghetti tops. But, of course, I don't know too much about these as they are another aspect of the LDS faith that is too secret  sacred to share with the non-Mormons in the neighborhood.

Kristen made sure to let me know that these items can still be worn very classy with cardigans over them (Janelle, aren't you glad I included this - I'm sure it's what you have been thinking this whole time!). Ha! That does sound much more classy, but I do really like the t-shirt idea. It's casual and comfy!

What do you think?


Lindsey said...

That is totally in style here's very trendy actually!

Milovy said...

I have a friend who does this all the time but its because she has backne (acne on her back) and wants to cover it up while keeping her style.

It's too stinking hot to double layer tops in the summer - for me at least. Maybe if we didn't have humidity here I'd consider it. But it sort of reminds me of the whole bobby socks with high heels trend I'm seeing in fashion mags. It puzzles me.

Janelle said...

I'm glad you realize there are other classier looks out there. But that look actually reminds me of how Bella is dressed in the Twilight films.

doons said...

I heart robert pattinson

bboutique said...

gotta love it!! I have to layer to cover up my fat rolls :)

Brooke Hereth said...

cool. i think yours looks better than the real "mormans"!

Lindsay Schneck said...

i totally do this. mostly it's because i dont have any clothes and need to stretch them into multiple seasons :) i reminds me of the early 90s when we all wore babydoll dresses with short sleeved shirts underneath. love it!

Amanda Highfield said...

i totally sport this style here in nairobi! but it's mainly because i hang out with high school boys at rosslyn and have to cover things up. :) i like it!

Brie said...

thats not in style here haha but that style is okay:) haha miss you hannah:)<3