Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Yesterday was a difficult day.

I was distracted. My mind was in another place.

I received bad news from Guatemala. My ministry partner with ACSI in Guatemala is Mariellyn, who is a dear friend. She notified me that one of the little boys in our sponsorship program had died of illness. She also informed me that a teacher from another one of our schools was kidnapped, with the kidnappers demanding $12,000 ransom. Heartbreaking.

It didn't matter what music I listened to, what task I tried to complete, my mind was on our Christian community in Guatemala. I couldn't stop thinking about them, and praying, and thinking, and praying.

The beautiful Spring day brought much wind. Between the often passing train and the fierce winds, my house was shaking all day. I kept thinking that something was happening in the other room. I would meander into the living room, looking around each corner. where is the dog? still outside.

My mind was empty of much else. I remember all of the sudden aware that I was cold. I looked at my feet and wondered to myself where my socks had gone - wasn't I just wearing socks?

I was losing it.

So.... I thought i would start today off with something silly and fun.....

Previously had a "Things I'm Loving Lately" following this, but the spacing and font was all wrong, i mean REALLY too-frustrating-to-read wrong. I have no clue how to fix it. I tried five times. I have other things that need to be done today, so I just deleted it.

ha. this is not helping my sanity like I was hoping it would today.

that's pretty funny.

and ironic,

i think. 

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Brooke Hereth said...

i am so sorry hannah. i hope you can get through this. :(