Thursday, April 29, 2010

Purpose the Paper

You may be living in a similar situation as Landon and I:

Most of the things that make up our home have been generously given to us as gifts or hand-me downs. We haven't really purchased much of anything for our home. I especially have not purchased home decor, because we are always moving and to buy pretty things for the sake of them being pretty is quite a luxury, and honestly not really a priority for us. 

Sometimes I find myself enjoying the function of something but really not liking the style. 

At this house, I took some of my favorite crafting papers with browns and lime greens and went to town with the mod podge to try to repurpose some things, and actually try to tie my kitchen together a bit with a color scheme (have never done this before!). 

I received 10 of these magnolia coasters from my grandmother in 2004. Although they are a very thoughtful gift for a newly married couple, they really remained so not me. I always thought of getting rid of them, but in reality, we needed them and it was dumb to get rid of something that you need just because it isn't cute. So I covered them.
They turned out well, except if there is a hot drink on the coaster, then it gets stuck to the coaster because the mod podge adheres to the cup. didn't think through that one too well, eh? but i like them much better and don't mind them sitting around the wooden surfaces of the house because they are so cute and so much more my style!

I used the same paper and to cover some of our kitchen accessories to tie everything together.

 I covered my recipe box with the lime green.

 I covered a cardboard tomato box and we use it to store our teas on top of our microwave. 
it's cute, really.

then i took out all the pictures in our "wedding shrine" (as landon calls it). I have this little collage of frames that were holding 7 black and white pictures from our wedding day. I understand that after 5 years of marriage, one might rather have something else framed. I asked Landon to take some black and white pictures of trees....but that isn't happening any time soon. So, I plopped the paper in these frames. With their being on the wall across from the kitchen that goes into the living room, i feel like it really ties the rooms together. 

I thought that this was a very fun way to make my things mine. and a easy and cheap quick temporary fix to an area that really had lacked cohesion in color. .


bboutique said...

I think it's fun to be creative like that. I am working on the flowers also :)

Anna said...

Nice job Hannah. I really liked your shrine of papers when I was there at t-giving. Very creative!

Mod Podge Amy said...

Those look great - very cute!

Anonymous said...

Nice blog you got here... Just droppin' by to say hi!

Sam Kurien said...

Hannah - Girl! you are so talented. The Designer now shows should be working with HGTV or something..

love and blessings,


Brooke Hereth said...

NO FREAKIN FAIR! URGGGG. You are so creative and talented Hannah!