Friday, April 23, 2010

Spring, you are invited to the McBrayer household

This last weekend I swept the winter out of my house.

I put away our basket of winter woolens that we kept by the front door filled with different gloves, scarves and hats, easily accessible for every time we leave the house.

I stripped our bed of its flannel moose sheets and replaced them with the sateen sheets from the bottom of the closet.

We opened all of the windows in the house to let the fresh air in.

I pruned the roses and some bushes and mowed the lawn.

I gave Duvick a bath and brushed him well. He's shedding out of his thick winter coat.

Landon turned off the pilot light that fuels the heater in the house.

And this is the first week in many months where i didn't cook stews or soups for dinner. Instead, we cooked on the grill. I even did a deep clean of our back-yard table and chairs and Landon plopped the umbrella over it.

We hung our swing off of the deck where I am able to read barefoot in the sunshine- how wonderful.

Spring is here!!!!


Or so we thought.

This is the second morning that we have awoke to a fffffffreeeeezing house. I'm definitely missing the flannel sheets and circulated heat that had filled our winter months and kept us cozy. I'm finding myself drinking extra coffee and tea just to keep warm around here.

The last two morning have been filled with rain and hail and snow, but altogether gray.



Lindsey said...

1 foot of snow out here!!!!

Brooke Hereth said...

i'm so happy its spring. no more FREEZING weather. i probaly would freeze in colorado, but its so prettyful!