Tuesday, April 6, 2010

sun-kissed, snow-kissed, ski-kissed

We got 20 inches of snow on the mountain last night. Landon is there right now, enjoying the biggest powder day we've had all season!

As a novice skier, I was a bit intimidated by almost 2 feet of fresh snow! I am lousy at powder skiing. So I stayed home. I spent my morning working on Sponsorship at Starbucks, sipping a freshly brewed cup of Verona, my favorite. I know, it's almost shameful to ditch the slopes when we had the sweetest dumpage of snow all season. I'm a bit embarrassed...

Instead, I took Duvick skiing for an hour. There's no way I was going to miss out on this beautiful day! I just didn't want to be tumbling down the mountain, freezing cold, soaking wet, sore to my bones. And on Saturday I actually lost my ski in the powder after a tumble. It took Landon and I 30 minutes to find it on the mountainside. So I decided for a low-key hour of skiing instead. So Duves and I skied cross country around the lakes and the open fields in our neighborhood. 

It was wonderful. We both had a lot of fun. And I just love that I've got the freckles to show it!

Why does my neck look so weird in this picture?


Brandon and Callie said...

your neck doesn't look weird...you're beautiful!

Brooke Hereth said...

oh hannah banana! :D