Thursday, April 22, 2010

Wear-Weary Wardrobe

I have have some items in my closet that i love. So much, in fact, that I wear them all of the time. Every week, even. 

For instance, this Patagonia capalene shirt. Which has also shrunk over the years of use, use, and misuse: 
Alaska 2005

Hawaii 2007

Utah 2010

Mom and Landon have been trying to convince me to throw this one away for years. I like it. I found it at a garage sale in my Grandmother's neighborhood in 2000. It may actually be my favorite shirt ever.
Living on my own for the first time, 2003

Kenya 2006

Home for Christmas, CO, 2010

I have another that is in great danger of becoming one of these over-used but not under-appreciated staples:

This great gray j.crew cardigan
CO reunion with friends, 2009

Which was meant to replace 
This great gray j.crew cardigan
Meeting the McBrayers, GA, 2004

(the cardigan died after wearing holes into the elbows. i reluctantly parted with it after somehow being convinced that there was another gray cardigan equally as wonderful out in the world somewhere. of which i've never found. but the one above is a very satisfying replacement). 

You can tell how adventurous I am in fashion. See, my style (and my closet) has stayed the same these last 10 years. But how can I part with these? You see the memories involved in each, don't you?


Milovy said...

I have a black tank and a grey tee shirt that I have worn forever. They are much more drab than the clothing you featured!

Anna said...

Ha ha ha. It seems most of my new clothes these days were once these sore departures for someone else. They come already loved, adored and very worn in but for less than a dollar most of the time. I have to wonder if these same shirt can last two people on two totally different 10 year spans...

Brooke Hereth said...

your are so awesome hannah! i love you and miss you. glad you included those particular pictures!

Brie said...

i am so glad you blogging i should know these things im your cousin! love you:D