Tuesday, April 27, 2010

27 years ago I was born

Wow. That's amazing.  Being in my late 20's feels different than I thought it would, but I rather like it. I don't really feel much older than 20 (or wiser!). I thought I would be a mom by now, surely, especially since I married the amazing Mr. McBrayer when I was 21 (can you believe my mother is 21 in the picture above?). I thought I would be deep into my dream career (whatever that is) and bringing cupcakes to MOPS meetings and teaching 3rd grade Sunday school. But we are on a different adventure.

I am so grateful that I get to celebrate this birthday below the mountains. There are no words, really, for the joy and the peace that they bring to my life. Landon is deep in the midst of final papers, but we plan on going into the mountains  when he is finished to celebrate the b-day and his completing his first year of his PhD.

Last night Landon spent hours on a cake for me. I am excited to eat it up. I will  post pictures tomorrow.

I received cards from family and friends in the mail over the last few days (THANK YOU!!!) and last night as i was reading them i started to cry. Almost every one mentioned "wish you weren't so far away", and that makes me sad. It was such an amazing adventure to leave home five years ago. Now it is sort of painful to still always be away.

Let's see.... I'm trying to remember being born. Of course, I can't remember that. My earliest memory, though..... well, i have two and i'm not sure which one came first.

I remember sitting in a high chair at a restaurant with my parents and my dad's parents. I remember playing a game where i would drop something on the ground and my grandpa would pick it up. i remember thinking it was hilarious. And I also remember them laughing at me because they kept giving me lemons. I remember liking the attention. I remember loving my Grandpa. And for some reason this memory is so clear in my mind. I think this must be my first memory.

My second early memory which must be a little later, but maybe isn't, is watching my mother bathe my little sister in the kitchen sink. I was jealous for attention (what's new?) and was also confused as to why Janelle was getting a bath in the sink. Why didn't I get a bath in the sink?

Well, thanks for being in my life, dear loved ones. My greatest joy and blessing has always been the people that I love. Thank you for making these 27 years unforgettable!


Lindsey said...

Even though you are not in Colorado...I am thankful that you are not "that" far away...Utah is a heck of a lot closer than Kenya or IL!!!

bboutique said...

Happy Birthday!

H Leigh Photography said...

So blessed by you beautiful friend and co-worker! Happy Birthday!

Brooke Hereth said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY FROM THE HERETH FAMILY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Your really 27? You don't look a day over 1!

Sam Kurien said...

Belated Happy Bday Friend!