Monday, August 31, 2009


okay, ladies. i need serious help here. I've been working on my most recent sewing project and since i'm such a novice, i'm really discouraged and sort of at a dead end here. I fiddled with my thread, bobbin, tension, put on a new needle, tried different fabric, everything that I KNOW to do. i really don't know much - this is only my second sewing project since i got this machine this summer. I took some pictures of my "problem" and was hoping you could let me know if you have any ideas. these are pictures of the back of my piece.

as you can see, the other side worked just fine. my mother got this machine for me at goodwill. so it came without a manual. i've been referring to the singer website a lot when it came to simple things like threading my machine. also, i'm wondering if perhaps there was a good reason that this machine was thrifted. i'm willing to give it some good time and energy, but i wouldn't know if i had a faulty machine or not..
please help.


Brandon and Callie said...

yay for sewing!! what are you making? what have you made?
as for the picture, it looks like the tension is way off...but i don't have a singer machine so i can't be sure and don't know how to help you with how to fix it :( sorry i wasn't that much help.

Anonymous said...

If you can't figure it out- take it to get serviced. The singer people will clean it up and test it for you. Probably should do it anyway if you didn't after you bought it.

Anna said...

Hannah-Mom says it's the tension. And the service is the only way to check to be sure there isn't something else going on. There could be some internal tension that needs tweaking. Mom's thinking around $35 to get it serviced. Look in the phone book and get some quotes. She said they would be all over the board and it's worth shopping it.

crystal noelle mcbrayer said...

It's definitely tension. It could also be that you are pulling the fabric through the back too fast, and that could get the tension screwy, even if it is adjusted correctly. (I have a tendency to do this with things I am trying to rush through.)