Saturday, August 22, 2009

The Pioneer Woman

so i mentioned a few days ago that i would introduce you to some really stellar blogs that i love each day for the next week. well, sorry, but i sort of forgot, and sort of didn't need the cop-out for lack of my own posting ideas.

but not today. today, i remembered that i mentioned to share some of my favorite blogs, so i'm going to.

This lady is crazy amazing. i have no idea how she does it - not only living her life as a cattle rancher's wife and mother of four, but also her commitment to her blog. i feel silly even introducing her to you, i'll bet most of you have read her blog. quite honestly, i don't really read her blog too often (there are others, like yours, that i'm dedicated to checking almost daily). but this blog is full of all sort of helpful tips. She writes about home decorating, homeschooling, photography how to, and my favorite facet of her blog: cooking.

I've tried a few of her recipes and not one has failed to remain a favorite at our house. As a cattle rancher's wife, she cooks pretty hearty dishes that my husband also loves. But as a former city girl, she puts together girly dishes that us ladies can devour with equal enjoyment. So anyways, i really enjoy her blog and i think you will too. She even includes a link to a printable recipe for your recipe box, which i think must be a lot of extra work on her part to make it so much more user friendly for us. I'm sending you a link to one of my favorite recipes of hers and you can navigate through the rest of her website from there: prepare yourself for something amazing...

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em said...

love her. read her blog more than once a day! ha. :)