Monday, August 24, 2009


We had a great Sunday! The skies brought a humid, cloudy day, which was hugely needed here. In general, i do prefer sunny skies and dry air, but when the temps get over 100 degrees for a few days, i beckon the rain. Loved it.

We visited two churches. We are determined to be connected with a body of believers here in Utah (we've not been good at this so far since we've been married), so we tried out Alpine Church, which is a church we saw a billboard for on the highway, and Elevation, which i passed on my run near our house this last week. It was so great to be involved in worship and community! it'll be a difficult thing, finding a church, but landon and i are encouraged, i think.

Other than that, we rented a movie from Redbox and we also got the house all spruced up and finished. I wanted it to be cleaned and put together before Landon started his classes. Right now he is at his first class - can't wait for him to get home so i can hear about it!!! This is his first semester EVER since high school that he actually has classes 5 days a week. It'll be a challenging semester, i think we are both going into it a little fearful and very excited.

alright, alright, already!!!

I'll share some pictures of the home we're renting here in Utah. For today, i'll just share the outside. Don't worry, there won't be too many pictures, i'm just too lazy to do them all in one day.
the front of our house
the view from the front of our house: the highway, but before the highway is a pond with some trails. beyond the highway are a few mountain ranges in the distance.
Our back porch. Janelle's awesome patio furniture - we haven't eaten a meal inside the house yet - LOVE sitting on the back porch!
view of the Uintah's from our back porch.
our huge backyard for duvick and view of the back of our house. we like it.


Colbert Family said...

What a cute place to live! I can't wait to see the inside:)

Brandon and Callie said...

too cute! doesn't it feel good to be settled a bit?

Kristen said...

Looks like a good place to be!

Lindsey said... much bigger than the house in IL! Now I will have to post pics of my place...

Hannah said...

thanks, ladies!!! i wish you all will come visit!!