Thursday, August 20, 2009

From Utah

(a view of the city of Farmington (2 minutes from our house) and the Great Salt Lake from Farmington Canyon)
Last night we had our first official outing of Utah exploring! We drove up Farmington Canyon which is the closest canyon to Kaysville, our little town. We used a back country skiing book as our guide - i think we'll be returning there often throughout the winter to hike the road and ski the drainages and bowls. (i'm actually not as cool as you might think i am right now - sort of scared of this back country skiing idea - just wanted you to know) We packed some wine (which was an adventure to acquire in itself), and roast beef sandwiches, grapes, Grandma's cookies, and Duvi boy and headed up the mountain to enjoy its beauty.
Yesterday i got back to work. I still have the task of organizing my office here. But Janelle is coming to visit us over Labor Day and she is so fantastic at organizing that i think i may just wait for her to get here. We got a few filing cabinets from a friend for me to use for work. When i was at headquarters, i had 9 drawers of files that are now in filing card board boxes, which are harder to use and sort of falling apart after 2 moves (well, sort of 3) and 2 years of use. SO i have 4 drawers and when Nell gets here, i think we'll take them out back and decoupage their slithery gray sides and faces. They're just too ugly to enjoy.
Landon had his orientation for the grad school at the University of Utah yesterday. When he got home, i asked him how it went. He told me that a girl thought he was Mormon because he has a very Mormon name - Landon - hm.... Other than that, to sum up the day he said that his advisor advised him, "welcome to grad school - you can sleep when you're dead". Thanks nimrod. If he only knew how essential and preciously prized sleep is in my husband's life. it comes before sex and food and fun and all else. well, maybe not fun.
Duvick is having fun here. He's having a difficult time transitioning to returning to being an outside dog after his summer with a doggy door allowing him to navigate the yard and house at his own leisure. He's still pretty dang cute, though, and one of my favorite things about Utah!

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