Tuesday, August 25, 2009

the official tour

welcome! we have my favorite coffee freshly brewed right now and it's a remarkably cool morning. i can hear the highway traffic roaring outside, be we can close some windows. let me show you around...

our house is a bi-level (our first ever home with inside stairs!). the upstairs has 2 bedrooms (one of which is my office) and the living room and kitchen and back patio. the downstairs has landon's study, which is the only finished room, and a storage area which is one big room with a toilet, storage, and laundry hook-ups.

let's start with the most important aspects of our house:

"where the magic happens," as doons would say
Landon got us a sound system at Costco a few weeks ago. That's right, you can sit in our patio furniture in our living room in the comfort and excitement of surround sound!
important stuff. for rock climbing endurance and strength.
storage. lots of kitchen stuff in there, since our kitchen is teeny weeny, and a lot of ACSI stuff also. when we first saw this house, all of the shelves were covered with non-perishables, and canned goods that the family was saving for the Latter Days
most importantly: Landon put our skis right next to the garage door so we have easy access in the winter time.
we actually have a full-size bathroom upstairs, which those of you who visited us in illinois will appreciate. it's yellow.
Landons' study. full of book shelves and needing more, honestly. and in the corner behind where i'm standing is landon's reading nook. kind of cool.
back upstairs:
living room
here is your bed, where you get to sleep when you visit!
and on the other side of the room: my office, always full of sunshine!

Thanks for taking the time to see our new place. you are always welcome - we keep a bed ready just for you and we even have an extra pair of show shoes!

p.s. sorry some of the pictures are SOOO blurry.


Anna said...

Oh Hannah, It looks wonderful. Especially the kitchen! So big and nice for entertaining and hanging out. I can't wait to sit in it with you to have a cup of coffee during a cold Fall morning! I have to say I am totally flattered that everything you have on the walls at this point came from me! I always forget about that oil lamp painting, one of my favorites.

Lindsey said...

The place is HUGE!!!

Sara said...

I love that the wine bottles made the move (unless you have managed to drink a LOT of wine already since moving there ;) Looks like a great place!

Hannah said...

linds, our house is huge - yesterday i even was talking to landon and told him how bad i felt that our house was so big.

sara, thanks! landon insists on moving those wine bottles with us everywhere - some of them are even from our wine and cheese party in 2004 after our wedding - pretty much every bottle that we've had since i've turned 21. crazy. i was wondering if someone would notice! i'm just glad that at this house it's finally out of the living room and into the kitchen where they should be. ha! it doesn't really bother me as much i make it seem. landon is pretty sentimental about them - and he's not really sentimental in general, so we keep them.

Anonymous said...

hannah, your house has come together so beautifully! what a wonderful touch you've given it :)
i especially like the wine bottles in the kitchen! i have a fond appreciation for wine bottles in kitchens.

welcome home!


A n A Jardon said...

your house is so cozy and beautiful! how exciting to be settled in the next stage of your life... you moved after us but still managed to settle in before us : ) we still have a lot of work to go! i'm excited to see the pictures of utah as you explore it's beauty!