Thursday, January 14, 2010

Sewing: Take 2

I am so excited. I received a sewing machine for Christmas from my parents. And so far it has been working wonderfully. I am relieved to think that perhaps it was not I who was the hopeless cause with my old machine, but the machine itself that was beyond hope.

So it's time for some craftiness!

I finally finished the apron that I set out to create a few months ago.

Over the past 2 years, I have been collecting my clothes that need mending. I've only fixed 2 of those items so far. Much less exciting projects, but wonderful to put these items back into my wardrobe.

My next project, I've decided, will be a beginner's version of these:

(picture and produce bags by Loveforearth)

Right now when I go to the grocery store, I don't put my produce in any of those little pastic bags because of the waste of plastic. I think the clerks, and I, would find it more convenient if they were still bagged. So I found these on etsy and think they could be rather easy to re-create. One seller is actually selling her pattern in a PDF for $3. But I think I might just try to wing it first.

by the way,  PLEEEASE tell me that you were encouraged by Maya's post on SimpleMom's blog yesterday. I know I was!


Brooke Hereth said...

Haha! Good luck with the new sowing machine! I am about to look at your apron!

kcknoles said...

Hannah, you are so creative! Thanks for your sweet post on my blog have inspired me to try and catch up with my posting. At least I know that someone is checking my blog!! I am soooo behind! :)

Erin said...

Love those little bags.