Saturday, January 2, 2010

Good Morning in 2010!

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This is only the first day that I have had internet connection in almost 2 weeks, when we left for Georgia a few Mondays ago. Yes, there are still little beautiful bubbles of the world void of cell service and internet connection. My Christmas and New Year have been completely focused on family and fun - nothing else. And I'm so grateful.

I sincerely hope that you have had a wonderful last couple of weeks.

We were in Georgia with Landon's family for 8 days. Each day was spent at our family's lodge in the (back)woods of Jasper County. It's so great to have a place for the family to gather together away from the busy world of "in town" and that which is required of us when we do have access to the entire world. I was able to meet my beautiful new niece and nephew - which overjoyed me! My goodness, isn't life beautiful in the eyes of children? My heart is so encouraged by them and I loved being a giver (and receiver) of kisses, being a shaperone of rides on the swing, and playing on the edge of the lake. By the time we left, my heart was over flowing and i was absolutely exhausted. ha!

With 7 McBrayer siblings, most with children, our immediate family is now at 24, including the 8 kiddies. Imagine housing, gifting, and feeding this many over the holiday! landon's parents were so brave (or maybe crazy) to bring us all together again for Christmas. It is really a treat to have the whole family together. The family now resides in 5 different states and is growing exponentially every year, with 2 babies born in 2009 and 2 more expected in 2010 (so far). Now with each of the siblings married, it seems the next time that we should all expect to be together again is Christmas 2012. I can't even guess how many babes we'll have by then! wow!

Christmas was full of fun, including a hay ride singing Christmas songs, Santa visiting the kids on Christmas eve, a production of the Christmas story put on by the nieces and nephews with Uncle Dooney as narrator, early mornings with coffee and conversation, and late nights kid-free next to the fire. What a blessing!

We arrived back to Colorado late Wednesday night and left Thursday morning for M&D's cabin in the mountains. We celebrated the New Year with champaigne, fondue, and cross country skiing. We will be here for a few more days, while we enjoy the Colorado mountains and the Sheely family. Today Dad and Doons are ice climbing near by, and tomorrow we all leave for another Hut Trip through the woods. I love every season in Colorado. Each one is filled with different opportunities for adventure and every season brings breathtaking beauty to this beautiful state. I love being in Colorado.

This next week, we will finish up our time at the cabin and I will go to the Springs for a few meetings with ACSI. Then I will help my sister move into her apartment. All that to say that I'm not exactly sure at the regularity in which i will be posting. So, i'm sorry, friends, but it may be another week yet until I am able to be a more avid poster once again.

Happy 2010!!!!


Brooke Hereth said...

that is such a cool picture! i drank 2 bottles of sparkling grape juice on my own :)! Happy New Year! I hope this year is better than last year :) bye!

Erin said...

Fun photo. Sound like a Christmas to remember and a very Happy New Year in Colorado.