Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Things I'm loving Lately:

I've been working late tonight and finally got an email sent off to my sweet boss. But now i'm a bit wired, so i thought I'd shoot out a quick blog before bed in order to calm myself down a bit.

It's about time: Things I'm loving lately:

this t-shirt I got for Christmas from my folks from Critter Jitter's etsy shop. I'm wearing it all the time. Don't you think it must match with most everything?: I wear it under sweaters, with skirts, over long underwear, with chunky jewelry, pjs, everything!

my produce bags. I know you've seen them, and I love them!

Peter Bradley Adams. He's an incredible piano player also. Love his sound!
This one might make you cry:
Skiing Snowbasin!!
believe me, i'm getting myself on a little steeper terrain by now. but i'm still not much faster.

(photo by Colin Purrington)
Utah Beer

Pier 1 was having a great sale on candles and I got a few of these for my bathroom. I love the color and i LOVE the scent: Citrus Cilantro

(picture by Sel S. (enter his site at your own risk - you've been warned)
getting out the good 'ol guitar for the first time in years. My fingers are killing me. I'm so so very awful! But I love that I can walk around the house while i'm making "music". I can even dance! The piano is my favorite but it is a little bit restrictive. Although, when i get super frustrated with my tender finger tips and crappy sound, i can just hop onto my piano and pound out the song as i actually want it to sound and i'm satisfied. I love making music!!


Brooke Hereth said...

wow wow and wow. i love all of those things too! i have been getting benjamin's "guitar" and running around the house playing it, while dancing wildly. glad your loving those things????!!!!! bye hannah bananana!

Kristen said...

LOVE the t-shirt!! So cute! You are so talented! piano and guitar, that's awesome.

Anna said...

There is a guy in the dorm that has a shirt very similar to that. He said that he got it from Khol's and that he has the wind turbine one too...I couldn't find it on their website but I'd like to have both of them.