Friday, January 22, 2010

A few things...

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First: Thanks for your sweet, encouraging and loving comments on yesterday's post, friends. What surprised me most is that many of you are in the same exact spot. Why is it so difficult to make friends as an adult? It's tricky, isn't it?

Second: I need another easy sewing project to tackle. Any suggestions? So far I have made napkins, an apron, and those little produce baggies. Suggestions, please!

Third: I was thinking to myself that someone needs to write a book. I wish that the church, and Christians in general would make it part of their mission to preserve the earth. I very seriously feel that one of God's first and primary commands to his crown of creation (us!) was stewardship of the rest of his creation. It is so obvious to me, I'm not sure how many Christians see stewardship of the earth's resources and the ideas to combat our previous damage as a hoax and a conspiracy, or even a lost cause - hello!

I wish that I could write a book. I wish i knew enough about biology and theology to put something together that would mobilize people, but especially Christians, to finally take seriously the stewardship that God has entrusted to us since the day of our creation. Yesterday I was looking through my local library's catalog and found NOTHING (what a surprise...but there are actually 143 books on Joseph Smith). suggested these reads on this subject:

Redeeming Creation: The Biblical Basis for Environmental Stewardship
by: Fred Van Dyke, David C. Mahan, Joseph K. Sheldon, Raymond H. Brand
InterVarsity Press c 1973

Earth-Wise: A Biblical Response to Environmental Issues
by: Calvin B. Dewitt (who has actually written two previous books on this same subject: The Environment and the Christian: What does the New Testament say about the Environment, and Missionary Earthkeeping)
Faith Alive Christian Resources c 2007

Serve God, Save the Planet: a Christian Call to Action
by: J. Matthew Sleeth M.D.
Zondervan c 2007
Have any of you read any of these? Since my library doesn't have any of these books, I will need to be purchasing them, and I really don't want to waste my mullah (who has ever heard of Faith Alive Christian Resources anyway?) I'll have to do some reading up about these books. But please, let me know if you suggest any reading on this subject.

Thanks, friends!

By the way, this one sort of cracks me up:

Harper Collins has put together a version of the NRSV translation called "The Green Bible". There is actually a subject index on the earth's elements (ie: air, agriculture, water). And whenever the subject of earthy things occurs in the text, Harper Collins has made them green. You know, like the red letters of Christ, only these are green letters.


Cin said...

To comment on your blog below, i definitely have no one around here to enjoy things with quite the way i did with you hannah :)

That said, on your sewing projects idea... i thought you might get a kick out of these:

coffee/pop/beer etc. plus, tons of room for creativity and it will use up scraps as opposed to huge sheets of fabric.

Although i don't have any book recommendations for you, you could check out this place:
and perhaps become active on this and other "green" forums. not only will you gain more knowledge and have people to discuss ideas with(maybe will help on the friend front in one medium), but perhaps you could start a blog dedicated to redeeming creation and write about what you've discovered so far. (kind of like maya)

btw, shawn enjoyed landon's helmet cam video!

Brandon and Callie said...

try "Gardening Eden" by Michael Abbate. I haven't read the book but the author goes to our church and I've been meaning to pick it up.

as for could try sewing some pillow cases, placemats, or a simple purse...all which make great gifts :)

Anonymous said...


You could take a sewing class @ a Joann Fabric store. I looked up the classes just now and there is one in Salt Lake City for Pillows and also there is a Fleece Robe class that looks like it would be fun. And It would also be a way maybe to meet some new people.

I also looked on the Etsy site and there is some patterens that you could look at to see what you might be able to do very effortly.
Pillows are great to make - they are very forgiving. Just ask Anna.

You are so funny and I just love reading about your adventures and discoveries.

Take care.
Deborah - Anna's Mom

Sarah said...

For easy sewing but a little more advanced than napkins check out the "5 minute skirt" at
It took me way longer than 5 minutes, more like 5 hours but I have made two so far and I wear them to work and get compliments :-) I started with wool, which I would not suggest because it is really fray-y but cotton would be easy breezy!

{B} said...

HI have to check out have a blog and links to lots of free sewing tutorials...have fun!

Kristen said...

I woke up this morning thinking of a fun sewing project, but all of the above comments have great ones. I am not a good sewer and am trying to learn too. (we'll see if my current project turns out) A while ago I made pillow cases for decorative pillows which was really fun. With zippers on them, it makes it so you can change up the cover whenever you want and by doing that change the look of a room, etc. I've been to sewmamasew a few times and they do have some fun stuff. There are also some fun tutorials out there on making some cute headbands.
I believe that God is an amazing creator. He created this beautiful earth and of all of his creations, we are the most amazing part because we are created in His image. I believe that we should take care of the earth, but at the same time I believe that many of the theories out there are not of God but of men and are just another way for people to make more money. For example, they use more energy to make a hybrid car than the energy that is saved by driving one, etc. I also believe that God is in control and that things will happen as have been prophesied whether or not "global warming" and other environmental issues come into play. I really love reading your blog and hope that we can get together sometime soon, even though I am one of the "weird" people here in Utah :)

Lindsay Schneck said...

you are going to die laughing, but i totally have that bible! jon bought it for me for christmas last year because he said he liked the way it looked and it reminded him of me :)

Brooke Hereth said...

sorry, no recommendations. i told you, you have a lot of friends that love you and would LOVE TO SEE YOU! that is including me :) those books look really good. i will read them on you should make a blanket with your sowing machine!!!!

Faith Alive Christian Resources said...

Hi Hannah,

Mary at Faith Alive Christian Resources here. If you're not familiar with Reformed/Presbyterian publishing, then you may not have heard of us! We're a small non-profit denominational publisher, but we strive to publish quality resources from a Reformed perspective. If you'd like to request a free review copy of Earth-Wise (usually available only to the media), just email We may just give you one for free if you leave a review on your blog!

All the best!