Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Labor Day with the Franzen's

We were so fortunate to meet up with some old and good college friends Sunday and Monday. Wow - what a blessing to be with such dear friends. We met up with Sara and Aaron near Indiana Dunes State Park. The Franzen's live in St. Louis, MO these last 3 years as they're both in school there. We had the opportunity of seeing them this last summer on our way mid-west from CO. I'm glad that we've finally gotten to see them again, as they are the closest CO friends within 1000 miles of us!

We just talked and camped and ate and wined Sunday into the evening. on Monday we went to the beach of lake Michigan, which was really beautiful. I thought that it was much nicer than our little beach of lake Michigan in Waukegan. It was quite strenuous for me to hobble on the sand in my crutches, but once i was in my chair, i just got to enjoy the view, my book, and watching friends in the water.

We just recently purchased a new tent and got to use it for the first time this trip - that was fun!

aaron, sara, and i hangin in the sand!
sara, aaron, landon and duvick playing frisbee in the water
the franzens fireside
Duvick LOVED the beach!
Duvi's swollen eye - he dug up a yellow-jacket nest and he and landon had a heck of a time running away from those lil' stingers.

Mostly, we were just so blessed by our friendship with Aaron and Sara. It's amazing to get to be with those that you know and love who know and love you. I know you all know this - it's just a rare thing for us these days.


Sara said...

It was SOOOO great to see you two and we are so thankful that you came down, broken leg and all, to not only see us, but camp and hang out on the beach with your cast-you're a trooper! Your friendship is such a blessing to us. Aaron and I forget how much we miss such deep and strong friendships until we get to be around old friends again and are reminded how wonderful those friendships really are! You two are great....And you have a really cute dog :) Hopefully it will work out to spend Thanksgiving with you all!

Anna said...

So great for you to get to spend some time with your friends! It's amazing how rejuvenating that can be. I knew you were going camping but I thought it was going to be just the two of you. We love and miss you!