Sunday, September 28, 2008

Healing beautifully!

Welp, it's been 38 days since my ankle surgery. 3 days ago my doctor told me that i can put "partial" weight on my ankle, so that's great news! of course, partial weight does not allow me to abandon my crutches and boot or start to stand in the shower or drive myself anywhere, but it is progress nonetheless. We took some pictures this morning so that those of you who have asked for pictures can see!

my outer ankle where i have a plate and 5 screws in my fibula.

my inner ankle where i have one large screw in my tibia. This is where the bike fell on my ankle, so i still have the abrasion healing here also. I had just finished putting ointment on this one, so it's a little more difficult to see.

This one is a shot of both of my ankles. Looks pretty good, huh? I can't really move my left ankle much yet, but landon's been trying to help me remember how to bend it and use the tendons and muscles again. haha, and you can tell that my calf muscle has shrunk considerably.

don't they look great?! My surgeon did a wonderful job!

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Lindsey said...

not gonna have one cankle!