Saturday, September 27, 2008

Westcomb clinic

One of the perks that Landon has working at Erehwon, is getting visits from product reps every once in awhile. Tonight he invited me to a Westcomb clinic. (see picture of our rep - Gabriel - sportin Westcomb gear above) They cooked burgers and brats beforehand. Gosh, this stuff is REALLY AMAZING. I am not an outdoor great geek or anything, but this stuff is seriously some of the best stuff on the market as far as mountain gear goes, no doubt about it. It was really exciting to learn about how they make their fabrics and design their garments. Landon and I got to try on some of the soft shells and hard shells (don't tempt me!) (Landon had been drooling over their website for the last few weeks). I thought it was awesome.

oh, and linds, he told us that he's heading down to CO next: Neptune and Mountain chalet. Too bad he wasn't handing out pro-deals!

p.s. been trying to kill a mosquito that is annoying buzzing around my head while i've been typing this. so if i typed in incomplete sentences, that's why. i'm not thinking in sequence: Westcomb...."die!"...e-vent shell..."aaah!"...chocolate cake..."where'd that sucker go?" many beers did that rep have?...."such an elusive little sucker!!!"


Lindsey said...

rei just came out with a pretty sweet eVent shell just like the westcomb ones!

doons said...

yeah right, just like the event ones except for everything but the event.

H. McBrayer said...

haha, simmer simmer.

Lindsey said...

you wrong...check out the article on them in Backpacker!