Monday, September 22, 2008

Weekend with Mom, Dad, and Roll-a-bout

See the video that Landon took (unbeknownst to me)as i was using my Roll-a-bout for the first time. There is no sound, so you can't hear landon cracking up or my grumbling - but it is there.

Truly, the roll-a-bout proved essential as i spent a few hours with Mom at the mall Friday and Saturday at Millennium Park and the streets of Chicago. As you can see in the video, it goes in a straight line very well, but it was a challenge to turn. It amazed me how people would stare (and glare) at me, yet not open my door or step a bit to the side so i could get by. Oh well, people are perplexing anyway.

Really wonderful weekend with the folks - miss them already! I will wait to post pictures and stories until when i can get some pictures from my dad. i didn't take any pictures with our camera because he was so trigger happy with his new digital.

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