Sunday, September 14, 2008

missing Kenya today

today, there were a few things that reminded me so much of moments from our year in Kenya, that i was missing it terribly. The first thing that has me reminiscing, is the weather here. We have had a downpour for 3 days straight. It reminds me of the rainy season, though it is much less muddy here :). It makes me want to lay inside and sleep and bake cookies and read. The living space in our home here is just about the same size as our place in Kenya, so sometimes the cold floors and lack-of-a-dishwasher, bring me back to our days there. But i do miss the tin roof. This unceasing rain could never be the same without the banging of the tin roof and the sight of children running through the mud in boots too big for their feet, and woolen hats tight upon their heads and beneath their chins. my sweeties.

hehe, i remember one afternoon while i was at the orphanage, we were stuck in a sudden downpour. The children were so thrilled about the rain and the adults ushered their muddy feet and drenched little bodies below the tin roofs. These kids couldn't stay out of the rain, they were reaching out and opening their mouths beneth the little streams running off the grooves in the tin roof. They were splashing each other and spitting water at each other. I thought it was adorable and i found such joy in seeing them enjoy the rain instead of cower from it.

Also, in church today, i was fighting back tears immediately: the family in front of us had a toddler girl. She was sitting on her mommy's lap, stroking her face, touching her clothes and jewelry and hair and digging into her purse and it reminded me instantly of my orphans. Every sunday i would take a van full of 25 orphans to church. Mary and Daniel, the two toddlers would sit on my lap - one on each knee. I would hold them during worship and they would just stare at me while i tried to sing the swahili. during the service, they both sat there taking off my jewelry, stickying my hair in their fingers, stroking the white skin and freckles on my arms and hands, and in the most precious moments, resting their heads on my chest and sleeping... i miss those precious mornings with my babes.

today i miss them more than usual - more of a painful missing than a joyful recollection in missing.

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Sarah Saunier said...

Everytime we have a heavy rain (which isn't too often here in CO) I miss Sierra Leone. There is something about those heavy rains during rainy season that brings back wonderful memories.