Thursday, September 4, 2008

bimalleolar fracture

so today i went to see my doctor and learned the technical term for my injury. so i decided to look up some not-so-graphic pictures so y'all can see! today i got to see x-rays of my new ankle and the x-rays look pretty much exactly like the one in the picture below. the doc. told me that i had to keep my cast on for a few more days - i was SO sad to hear it (he TOLD me that after 10 days i could get it off - it's been 13!!!) but i'll be an adult about it and continue to pretend i feel clean and happy eventhough i haven't showered in 3 weeks, still can't sleep through the night, and really don't have the mullah to stop by and say hi once a week if he's not going to DO anything. enough complaining. here they are.


Lindsay Schneck said...

holy moly! that was a doozy! i cant believe you are healing so quickly. i know it must seem like forever in that cast, but i always thought stuff like that took several weeks to heal. i hope you are in a boot soon!

em said...

OOUUUUCCCHHHHHH-oh, so sorry hannah! yowza...glad you're getting closer to full recovery!