Monday, September 15, 2008

One month

Today is the one month anniversary of our motorcycle accident.

Still on crutches, still not putting any weight on my foot, still taking careful baths, still can't drive, still not working at Starbucks, and Landon is still doing all the work around here. Nothin' much has changed, except that my bones are back together now and i'm healing (and not hurting)!

Mom and Dad are coming out here for their first visit to our home here in Gurnee this weekend. We're excited. Mom (who also has a broken ankle) just called to inform me that she is renting this rolling thingy so that i can keep up with her while she is here (

yeah....not kidding, though...

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Lindsey said... have got to be kidding me! please take pics, i can't wait to see this!