Wednesday, August 27, 2008

sorry to deceive and confuse so many of you - the posterior picture of that lady on my last post is not me. i don't have shoes like that. well, or tattoos like that...

so i've been "good for nothing" this last week. the pain from my surgery was a lot worse than i've expected and the vicaden (sp?) has been more necessary than i anticipated. every time i take it, it makes me fall asleep. so i've been taking 2 couple-hour-long naps each day before and after i watch a movie. yeah, i feel pretty worthless, but i am enjoying relaxing (and not having to wake at 3:30 all the time!).

Landon has been tirelessly and unselfishly taking care of me. like painting my fingernails, taking me to the post office, renting chick-flicks, grocery shopping, scrubbing out the tub, cooking dinner, making me coffee, refilling my water (over and over and over), giving me a sponge bath, and that's just the first dozen acts of love off the top of my head. God has really blessed me through Landon's servant's heart these past 2 weeks. He has been so sensitive to my needs and so not burdened or bitter about taking care of me.

I've decided that tomorrow will be my first day back at ACSI. My trip to the post office and library today exhausted me and threw my ankle into throbbing pain, so i know that i don't have much endurance for much, but i'm going to try.

Thank you so much for all of your support and prayers.


doons said...

since when does 9 = a dozen?

Brandon and Callie said...

i'm sure it KILLED landon to give you a sponge bath:) haha.