Saturday, August 9, 2008

Longs Peak

sorry it has been so long since my last posting - I've been SWAMPED at work - long, long days. Welp, these are pictures from Landon's solo trip to Longs Peak (see stats here). Longs peak possesses a face that climbers call, "The Diamond". According to Alpinist magazine, the diamond is the "El Cap of Colorado" - the best climbing in Colorado. So besides being a challenging and beautiful mountain for Landon to climb, it was a chance to get a glimpse of the Diamond.

He hiked on Wednesday and spent the night beside a lake. Thursday he summitted Longs and hiked the entire rest of the way down the mountain to his car. He took the long route up Longs (you can do it in one day from many other trails) and said that it was peaceful and secluded - he didn't see anyone else until late Thursday (which is really comforting for a wife when this story accompanies a picture of Mr. Big Bear).

The lake Landon camped beside.

Hiking on snow

Longs Peak elevation 14,255.

Landon at the summit looking over the beautiful expanse of the Colorado Rocky Mountains!

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