Thursday, August 14, 2008

Climbing La Plata: 14,336'

(click picture to see a panoramic view from the top of la plata from

Our hike began pretty early in the morning in some pretty cold and beautiful woods. We walked beside a beautiful stream with waterfalls. I love Colorado forests in the morning (or pretty much any time). This hike was outside of Buena Vista while we were at a cabin down there. Dad and Justin and Anna joined us for this hike. Really fun time together.

I thought i felt someone stepping on my heals! i needed it at the pace i was going. notice dad's dog: Rusty.
A picture of me amidst the beautiful wildflowers just above the woods before the marsh on our way up La Plata.
woopsie - that was a mis-step in the marsh.
Landon is an amazing mountain climber - here he is, keeping me company as we tackle the hundreds of feet of boulders on our way to the summit.
almost there!
Landon making his mark on the summit.
the summit team: Landon, Justin, Anna, Hannah, Dad, Rusty.
here is landon and i celebrating at the car with some Blue Moon. we're soaking wet. wow - on our way down we got caught in a terrible storm. I was scared for my life. We got caught in a downpoar of hail, but more terrifying, the storm was very electric! We ran and ran and ran from the bottom of the boulders down through the marsh and into the woods - probably 2 miles. When i got to the top, i was so tired that i wondered if i could actually walk the entire way back to the car. It's amazing what your body is capable of when you enter the "fight or flight" instincts. Mine was flight!

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Cindi said...

I love hearing about your trip Hannah. And although you loathe your longer mornings at the bux I am so happy about them because the chances of running into you are much greater for me now :) (bit selfish.)

By the way, that last picture is the favorite of you and Landon that I've seen. Speaks volumes :)