Saturday, August 9, 2008


While Landon was climbing Longs Peak, I got to get together with my home-town family. Denae and Nicole are two of my all-time best friends. Denae and i have been friends for the vast majority of my entire life. Nicole and i became great friends through Denae in high school. We have supported each other during some of the most difficult years in each of our lives. These ladies both stood beside me when I promised to God my commitment to Landon in marriage. They visited me when i moved to Cali my freshman year of college. And if there is anything remotely cool (or very weird) about me - it is because of their influence! Denae and Nicole are having babies and it is such a joy to share in their births and pregnancies (Though i am so sad that i can't be closer!!). In these pictures, I'm meeting little Ashlee for the first time, and I don't have any pictures of Nicole and I with her big-mama belly, so i've posted one from her blog. Love these lovely ladies.

Thursday i got to go to Boulder and meet up with two of my friends from college: Jamie and Emily. These ladies are so sweet to me. I met them both through campus crusade for Christ at UCCS. We all lived together my Jr. year along with 2 other friends. We grew in the Lord together. Em and i got to lead bible studies together, prayed for each other, did womens ministry, were accountability partners, and shared the joy of starbucks. The three of us met up and walked around Pearl Street in beautiful Boulder, Colorado. We talked about what we are learning and where our lives are taking us (we are all doing very different things these days!). It was a joy and encouragement to see them!

That evening, my father's family came to visit me. here is a picture of my cousins: Zach and Kortney. Kortney just graduated high school - i can't believe we are all finally grown up. Makes for a lot of fun when we get together. I'm so grateful for family.

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