Saturday, August 23, 2008

ankle surgery

Thanks everyone for your prayers and loving support. We got hope from surgery last night around 10pm. The doctor spoke to landon and said that everything went fine.

I'm pretty sure i have been experiencing the most excruciating pain in my life these last 24 hours. For some reason i thought that the healing process would be less painful than the breaking process. boy was i wrong! but i do have some heavy pain meds that usually do the trick pretty well so far.

the story, since i left it out of my last post: I broke my ankle last Friday night while landon and i were riding our motorcycle around town. we had to slam on the breaks while making a left turn which caused the bike to slide out from underneath us (and on top of me!). we both have road-burn on our left arms and legs. landon is fine otherwise (besides having to gracefully put up with his hurting and trying-to-not-be-too-demanding wife). we were calling a taxi when an ambulance pulled up and gave me a ride to the ER. the guys in the ambulance thought i just sprained my ankle since they were able to take my shoe off without me wailing or putting up much of a fight. welp. i was very disappointed when my doctor told me that i had broken 2 bones, one on either side of my ankle. but mostly, i have just been so grateful to God for keeping us safe through that accident.

so last night he cut me open and screwed the bones back together and screwed a plate into my fibula. and it's sort of strange, but i definitely feel like that is exactly what happened. all the bones below my left knee feel like they've been traumatized. every time i stand, i can feel my ankle re-align like a wooden doll or something strange. i don't know, it's sort of weird feeling. it's amazing though - only 10 DAYS in a cast and then i get the stitches out and they put me in a boot (still have to use the crutches though). so i'm hoping that though i'm using these pain pills like crazy, that i won't have to get them refilled - seems to me like this thing is supposed to heal quickly.

well, thanks again, friends, for your prayers and encouragement - i've really needed that. i will keep you updated.

linds, i was going to include someone else's picture of their ankle stitches to hold you over for mine, but when i was looking on flickr, it really freaked me out. so instead i'm attaching a picture of this lady's ankle "scars" instead.


Brianne Michelle said...

oh my goodness sweet hannah! I am so grateful the surgery went well. I will be praying for quick recovery. I miss you... :(

Lindsey said...

i don't understand the pic!

em said...

ouchie...praying for a quick recovery! hang in there :)

Anonymous said...

Hannah! I thought those were your ankles and you had two new tattoos! Gotta say though, glad they're not. =) I heard about your accident and subsequent surgery... I've been thinking about you. Hope all is well.