Tuesday, August 19, 2008

broken ankle

so to all of you who don't know (and it's not because i don't love you, it's only because i can't keep track), i broke my ankle this last weekend. i went to the doctor yesterday and he said that i need to have surgery on both sides of my ankle. he will insert screws and plates to make sure the bones reconnect and recovery properly. He was actually late for my appointment because he was doing this same surgery on another patient. Glad to know that he's had some experience.

so i'm supposed to get in the OR within the next 10 days (i SOOO hope that it's sooner). For now, my ankle is in a splint and i have a pair of crutches that have become both my constant companion and my nemesis. ice and elevation (Dr. says, "toes above nose!") are my main priorities right now. as Starbucks is a wonderful company, i will receive however many weeks of medical leave that i need without it affecting my insurance. I may even be eligible for some sort-term disability. that's cool.

The only downside to my leave (besides missing out on that tiny bit of income) is that I am also being transferred to a new store that is opening in town. By the time i'm recovered, i will already supposed to have started at this store. So unfortunately, i never got to have my "last day" at work with my wonderful partners and dear customers. that abrupt ending is a bit sad, but i'll still get to visit and say hi - just a bit different than being on the "A team" as many of our customers call our morning crew. I'll miss them a lot.

just last week i was telling my sister how awesome it would be if i just had one week off of starbucks so i could concentrate on ACSI only. so, that's a blessing in disguise! Though right now it is really hard for me to sit at the computer for lengthy amounts of time, so i won't be putting in any extra ACSI hours until my leg is a bit more stable.

Landon calls me "princess" these days and treats me accordingly. He washes my hair, fixes my pillows, makes me all 3 meals each day, drives me around, buys me starbucks (!). Yesterday he went to the library and picked out a bunch of movies that he thought i would like - so sweet. and before he left for work he left a glass of water in each room. i've discovered that not only can i not walk, but since i'm putting all my body weight on my crutches every-other step, i really can't carry anything that can't fit in a plastic bag. so each room has water enough for me and my camel-like needs. i'm so grateful to have a husband with such sacrifical love.

Duvick has noticed no difference and is insensitive to the fact that i can't play andi don't want him licking my scabs or laying on my foot.


em said...

oh hannah! i'm so sorry..how did you do it?? i hope the surgery comes quick and goes well..praying for you! :)

Sara said...

Bummer about the surgery! We can just visit you guys at your place if that will be easier, as camping on crutches with a bum ankle probably won't be much fun (plus you may not even have the surgery until right before it). I'll call you soon so we can figure it out. Praying for a quick recovery and minimal pain!

Lindsey said...

I want to see pics of the ankle!