Sunday, March 28, 2010

Sorry for Slackin'

Well friends...

A LOT has been going on here at the McBrayer home.
Landon and Kevin belay Red Rock

Last weekend Landon's climbing buddy from his early college years at App State flew into town. Saturday morning they had the car packed and headed for Vegas for Landon's spring break. They spent four days in Red Rock, NV climbing some beautiful sandstone on the edge of the desert (just a few miles outside of "sin city"). Besides missing my husband and wondering if he had fallen to his death, I had a great time having the house all to myself. I made a mess of this place! I even moved the kitchen table in front of the television so that I could do some sewing projects while watching "NEW MOON" (!!!).
Landon Climbs Red Rock

I would have posted more about it at the time. But... I've realized that there are some people who are committed to reading my blog that I have never met and really don't know at all (via the sitemeter to the right - i'm not spying on you, i promise). I want to thank you for being committed readers, you mystery folk out there. And please take no offense, but realizing that my reader base is getting (a little bit) bigger, I do tend to filter my post topics (a little bit) more. Because I don't know who you are, but I do know that you live around here, and I didn't really feel like letting you know that my husband would be out of the state for the entire week. I'm a little weird like that. Not that I don't trust you, i just....don't know you.

Kevin and Landon in Vegas

Mom flew in to SLC to have a girls' weekend with me on Wednesday night. The boys had returned Wed. morning due to bad weather in Vegas (high winds). So although we didn't have a girls-only weekend, we had a wonderful time anyway. The boys were gone every afternoon skiing or climbing. So no lazy mornings in our PJs drinking home-made lattes and watching sappy movies as planned, but wonderful days shopping, sipping Starbucks, singing at Alpine, and just great mom-daughter time. It was wonderful.
Kevin Tele-Skiing the Wasatch Backcountry

Sadly, I dropped off Mom at the airport this afternoon. And Landon will be dropping Kevin off at the airport tonight. Tomorrow begins the crazy month toward the ending of things.

April will be a big month for us. Landon will be crazy busy finishing up his semester. I will be busy trying to close up the sponsorship program (although i have through June), and looking for another job. I will also begin to sing in my church's praise band every other Sunday morning. That will be awesome. We are hoping to hear if Landon will receive funding from the Philosophy department and be able to continue with his PhD as well as teach some of his own undergrad classes in the fall. That would be amazing. If that works out, we will be trying to buy a house in Salt Lake City (if we get a place by May 31 we get the $8000 tax break). We are hoping to get out of this (90% Mormon) suburb, and get into a community where we are not the "black-sheep". Hopefully a community closer to sustainable living, deep-snow ski resorts, climbing canyons, and more like-minded folk.


Brooke Hereth said...

all i got from this is that.............LANDON WENT TO VEGAS!?!!?!

Brie said...

wow haha. thats cool. well hannah visit my blog and see whats going on here:)