Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Things I'm loving Lately

I like these lists. They make me happy. I think I'll try to do them once a month. And I REALLY like reading yours. Indulge yourself...

Robin Hood
I watched the first 2 seasons instantly on Netflix and really got an innocent minor obsession with the show. I love that almost every show has a happy ending and there's no violence or sex. It's just a feel-good show. It's awesome.

String Cheese
Ha! pretty nasty picture. But, any cheese is delicious cheese, in my opinion! These are perfect ski snacks.

My grandma
I actually love her ALWAYS, not just lately. But what I love lately is getting to talk with her. We've always been very close but we're not that great at keeping up with phone calls when i'm out of the state. She just had a knee replacement last week and I've been able to chat with her on the phone quite a bit lately. I love her sense of humor and her honesty. She's pretty special to me.
 I have a large head.

Skiing Snowbasin
Although we could use a major dumpage of snow. Any day in the mountains is a good day. And that's a philosophy we live by. you should too.

Selling The Beast
We closed the deal last night. Good-bye old friend. GREAT memories in that thing. Too bad Landon's smokin' hot ex-girlfriend crashed the thing into a guard-rail 6 years ago or we could have gotten a few hundred more... just givin' her a hard time - wherever she is - just because she is so smokin' hot. I can do that. I married her ex-boyfriend. 


This is my current craft project. Landon and I sit on the couch in the evening, turn on a movie, and while he enjoys his cross-stitching (i am SO seriousl), I enjoy my candlewicking. It's fun.

Alpine Church:
This is the current billboard for our church on the side of the highway. Which is funny considering Mormons don't drink caffeine. It lets people know that we're a different kind of church than most churches around here. Yeah, I like our church. 


Brooke Hereth said...

haha. i have NEVER SEEN robing hood :)

Brooke Hereth said...

this verse really speaks to me: Hebrews 12:1
1Therefore, since we are surrounded by such a great cloud of witnesses, let us throw off everything that hinders and the sin that so easily entangles, and let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us.

Brandon and Callie said...

love it! i love that you have such a close relationship with your grandma. so special.
you do not have a big head.

maggieinthemountains said...

I love reading your things you love list! i think we should all do a things we love swap in the mail with fun little stuff!

Anonymous said...


two things:
1) SO glad that YOU married Landon

2) she wasn't that super hot

Brie said...

Hey Hannah! Wow that was a lot! Well first,Robin Hood interesting never seen it haha. Second, Cheese is the best it really is a great healthy snack! I love ALL cheese to! Haha and the post about your grandma that's really great that you have been getting closer with her cause you never know when God will take her sorry to bring that up. But Hannah that really it great that you are spending more time with her! No the car is gone! That's ok time to move on i guess haha well we will miss it goodluck with a new one! And the candlewicking very cool Hannah and gorgeous! I love you and miss you and hope to see you soon! And p.s. if you come to the mountains you will get to see the new baby of the family aka Maggie my dog:) She is the best! Haha love you!