Monday, March 22, 2010

Elections in Sudan

There are many things I could have written today.

Yesterday was a monumentous day in our nation's history (or future, rather), whether you like it or not.

Also, today is World Water Day

But I want to bring to light something outside of our country that is huge. This week marks the elections in Sudan. This week is the first week in 24 years that Sudan has held elections for its people to choose their leadership. The Christian leaders in Sudan are asking for people around the world to be praying for their nation. There is still huge violence and instability within this nation, as decades of civil war have torn it apart.

This country has been on my heart for years as we have witnessed the suffering of its people. If this strums your heart strings, will you please remember them this week.

From Samaritan's Purse's Website:
More than 2 million people died in Sudan's civil war before the Comprehensive Peace Agreement was signed five years ago. The 2005 accord ushered in an uneasy truce, tied to a promise that the people of southern Sudan would be allowed to participate in national elections in 2010 and vote in a referendum on independence in 2011.

Free and fair elections in April could help lay a foundation for lasting peace. However, if violence erupts it could start a chain reaction that plunges the nation back into civil war.