Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Just a Few things:

1. Did you know that there is another Landon and Hannah in the world with a blog? Their blog is awesome and they seem super interesting. and that Hannah even has red hair too. They live in NYC and she is a fashionista and he is a photographer and i'm pretty sure she is british, based on the spelling of some of her words - they are so colourful.

2. It's SNOWING!!! We are expecting 12-24 inches here between today and tomorrow. We haven't received snow like this in over a month. I am excited. It's been a whole week since i've been on the slopes (gasp!).

3. Please visit this link. I love what Simple Mom has posted on her blog this morning and I really learned from it. I think that the $ excuse not to buy responsibly when it comes to our food is dumb and lazy. I don't think she would phrase it that way (she is much too refined and sweet), but that's pretty much the gist I got from her post. She pretty much just gives us some really reasonable things to think about when it comes to our food. I appreciated it a lot.

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