Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Ski Weekend with Kim

We had a good friend join us for some skiing this last weekend all the way from KENYA!
Kim and Landon have been friends these last 8 years, since his summer in Kenya. I was able to get to know her as we got to experience life together during our year out there with Brackenhurst Ministries.

We had so much fun catching up!
I have never been able to ski with another woman before. I loved skiing with Kim. She really challenged me to do the things that I've never done and always shy away from (as you can see in the picture below).
It was a beautiful 3 days on the mountain!
It was wonderful to be with Kim again. I hope it isn't another 4 years until we see her again!

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Brooke Hereth said...

im happy you got to see her :) i hope you had fun and a great time catching up :D