Monday, March 1, 2010

different kind of weekend

It feels like Spring is here on the Wasatch Front. And I'm not really a fan of it. At this time of the year, God should be piling on the snow around here for us to enjoy (and for the snowpack to be plentiful enough to keep us out of drought this summer). But, alas, there hasn't been much snow this winter. This weekend weather was in the 40's and 50's, which i couldn't believe!

Instead of going skiing, we stayed home on Saturday and did some work around the house. I was so happy to have a relaxing day at home!!! First thing I did upon waking was brew a big batch of coffee and pop in "Newsies", one of my favorite musicals of all time.

Don't worry, we were able to get onto the slopes for a little bit yesterday. Then we took Duvick on a walk through the snow in the woods. It was a beautiful evening with the blue skies, white mountains, towering eromatic pines, and the full moon coming up over the mountains.

It was our first weekend that wasn't packed to the gills with skiing in a long time. And I was grateful for the change of pace around here and the opportunity to relax a bit.


Brie said...

hannah!!!! i miss you where have you been? and r u following me?:)

Merritt said...

low key is always nice every now and then! i must admit that i am ready for spring weather!