Friday, December 18, 2009

You probably guessed it by now.

And i'm sorry.

I'm so lousy at keeping up with my blog when i'm not in my usual routine.

(photo by subtlet: of the "downtown" street in my hometown!)

We are in Colorado. It's amazing to drive 8 hours and make it home. Versus the 15-18 it took us to get here from Illinois. And the drive is lovely. We left after I worked until noon and we got "home" in time to eat a late dinner and hang with the fam a bit! And I was well-slept with low stress so Landon and I just had so much fun together laughing, talking, and listening to good music (thanks Titol and G - the ipod dock makes ALL the difference in our road trips!)

I'm working today. Landon's planning mountain adventures and catching up on the much missed sleep these last two weeks of finals have bestowed upon him.

I am SO EXCITED for tomorrow, because it's Saturday and there will be no working from anyone. Only "family fun time" as we once mockingly called mandatory family time. But I think we're all looking forward to it.

And then once Monday arrives, we're flying to Georgia to spend Christmas with the McBrayer's! Hooray!


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Amanda Highfield said...

your main street looks a lot like my main street! so happy you're home hannah! i know how much that means to you. love you! merry christmas!

Brent Parnell said...

can't wait to see you and landon! have fun with your family.