Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Some days there is so much that i want to share with you. I am saddened to have to wait for another day for my next post. I want to share it all NOW!!! I really should start writing those down, because I know that yesterday was one of those days and today I am at a total loss when it comes to posting ideas.

Welp, this will have to do.

Remember i told you that I have put together the most embarrassing display of Christmas lights? Seriously, the houses around her are all lit up in a very organized and beautiful way - you know, when the lights line the frame of the house right beneath the roof? I love that. Mine isn't quite as grand.

But because Christmas decorating season ALWAYS seems to come at the busiest time of Landon's semester, the last few years I have been decorating by myself. Which is fine, but Landon has asked me not to get on the roof, of which i gladly oblige.  So I dominated our railings this year.

We have white lights leading up to our front door, and on my back porch we have colored lights (whenever i type colored my fingers automatically jump into colorad....o? analyze....). I even went to the womens' meeting at my local ward (The Mormons call this group of women The Relief Society. We had an inspiring talk, prayer, dinner, and crafting. It was nice) and women there stopped me to tell me that they can see the lights on my porch from their kitchen! Wow. I wondered what ELSE they could see from their kitchen. Reminded me to shut the blinds in case i need a drink of water at night and i'm wearing nothing but my birthday suit.

But these lights are growing on me. Makes it feel a little bit like Christmas around here!


Brandon and Callie said...

simple and beautiful :)

Erin said...

Your lights and wreath are cheerful at this snowy time of year.

Sometimes it can be hard to get into the spirit when you are traveling for the holidays. You have much to do to prepare for your trip. You always have interesting things to write about and I enjoy visiting your site.

Have a blessed and peaceful Christmas.

Hannah said...

thank you Erin and Callie! You ladies are so sweet!

Amanda Highfield said...

it's beautiful Hannah! we have colored lights on our back porch too and they all blink at different times. and we can't put any on the front because they'll get stolen. ha! Merry Christmas!

Maryn Forney said...

i'm just stuck on you walking in your birthday suit : )

Brooke Hereth said...

the house lights look cool. Great job Hannah Banana!

The Jardons said...

Like Maryn I'm stuck on the birthday suit... and analyzing Colorad...o haha! This was a funny post!