Sunday, December 6, 2009

Ski Utah

Finally, a beautiful snowstorm here with enough snow to give us an incredible wintry weekend. I spent Saturday with a little bit of Christmas crafting and candy making, accompanied by many Christmas carols  and the rest of my Thanksgiving hot cider. We then went to Snowbasin to ski the last 2 hours of daylight. Before we went to bed, we completed the day with "National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation."

on the gondola getting stoked 
(hey, my last two fingers on my hand are double-jointed, can you tell? my ring finger won't go all the way down when my pinkie finger is up - weird, huh?)

I'm still learning to ski, so there are no pictures of Landon skiing because i didn't trust myself to carry the camera. I only fell once all day, actually...

Landon, sitting with me, making our way to the top of the bunny slope. Beautiful out there, wasn't it?

and then back down the bunny slope.

Don't worry, only two runs on the bunny slope, and Landon had me up to the top of the mountain. We did not spot any moose this trip. I got totally schooled by the Jr. Ski Team - those kids were amazing, i thought. I had fun watching Landon experience twin-tips for the first time, skiing backwards and still making beautiful tele-mark turns. He's awesome on skis. I was feeling more comfortable and was able to fall less and ski more than last weekend. I'm mostly afraid that someone behind me will run me over since i'm not too slow and am sometimes on the ground.

I'm loving skiing, and am surprisingly picking it back up again pretty easily.

Landon pulled one all-nighter last week and has some more on the horizon, as he has final papers and exams coming up this week.


Brooke Hereth said...

i have ALWAYS wanted to ski!! looks like you had a great time! brieanna is double jointed too!

Anna said...

Just keep pushing that snow this way! We're anxiously awaiting it out here in CO. Did they have a bunch of runs open?

Sara said...

That is a fantastic picture of you getting stoked for the run. I love it! Send some snow our way too :) (we actually did have a few white flakes fall from the sky last monday, but no sticking)

aaron said...

that is awesome that you guys got to get out and ski! I don't think i could keep skis pointed in the same direction if i tried! part of me wants snow here and the other part is not missing it at all, ha.