Monday, December 14, 2009

Remember when i said that the way to my heart is with cheese?

A few days ago I received my first Christmas present delivered to my doorstep by Mr. UPS!

The past couple of years, my uncle and aunt have been getting me this delightful assortment of delicious goodness. I don't want to be hasty and say that it is becoming a tradition (wouldn't that be great!?), but each year I have enjoyed this gift for weeks.

Because it is edible, I didn't see any sense in waiting until Christmas to enjoy it (of course!). So for the last few days Landon and I have been savoring delicious summer sausage with Edam cheese, flat bread crackers,  and Spicy mustard. 

It's amazing. And wonderful in another way. I absolutely refuse to go grocery shopping the week before we leave for a long period of time. And we are headed to Georgia (by way of M&D's) at the end of this week. So we are still getting our protein (and saturated fats!) even though our refrigerator is practically empty of all but pickles, green beans and orange juice.

Thanks Uncle Chuck and Aunt Cathy!!! You always know how to love this girl in such a special way!


Erin said...

So tasty. Cheese and salami are good. Have a fabulous Christmas.

Brooke Hereth said...

that is so cool! cheese for christmas?? i really dont get it. i will send u cheese if u love it that much!

Anna said...

I am wishing we had one of those! Our fridge is empty too and we scraping by. We ate at the school cafeteria tonight!